Brain Teaser FIDGET Ball
Brain Teaser FIDGET Ball
Brain Teaser FIDGET Ball
Brain Teaser FIDGET Ball
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Brain Teaser FIDGET Ball

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Maximum 20 balls per order. Wholesale enquiries welcome. 

How does the Brain Teaser FIDGET BALL work?
Are you looking for a simple puzzle toy to play around with or just simply need to kill time but you hate the complex puzzles such as the Rubik’s Cube? Then this is exactly what you need to release your stress and have some fun. The Brain Teaser Fidget Ball is a simple ball that you can complete in minutes. The puzzle ball is compact in size, fits in your hand and easy to carry around, so you can play it wherever you are, anytime! Try it, you'll LOVE it!


The objective of the puzzle ball is simple, get all the colours of the orb to match the outline of the ball and you are done! There are 12 holes which you match the 11 colours of the orbs (there will be an extra hole so you can push the orbs around freely). Once you have completed, just re-shuffle them when you are done and you can give yourself more entertainment again! This is an excellent toy for children because it helps to develop their logical thinking ability, increase their motor skill's coordination and works on developing concentration.

Warning: Product is required to be used under direct supervision of an adult for children below 3-4 years old. The balls are bigger than the holes so won't come out of the ball.

Shipping costs $2.97 for one ball.


Orders takes 1-5 days to process.

Shipping and Handling 

We ship to the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia plus many other countries. Shipping in the United States takes 2-4 weeks, New Zealand 2-4 weeks, Australia 3-6 weeks, United Kingdom 4-6 weeks and Canada 4-6 weeks.Other countries will take longer depending on location.


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